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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Post-impact studies of an inland oilfield in South-Western Nigeria: a bacteriological perspective.Uaboi-Egbenni, P.O; Amund, O.O; Okolie, P.N; Bisi-Johnson, M; Akinyemi, O
Nov-2013Biodegradation of hydrocarbons in the presence of nickel and cobalOyetibo, G.O; Obayori, O.S; Ilori, M.O; Amund, O.O
2010Biodegradation of p-Chloroaniline by Bacteria Isolated from Contaminated SitesFashola, M.O; Obayori, O.S; Omotayo, A.E; Adebusoye, S.A; Amund, O.O
2009Bacteria with dual resistance to elevated concentrations of heavy metals and antibiotics in Nigerian Contaminated Systems.Oyetibo, G.O; Ilori, M.O; Adebusoye, S.A; Obayori, O.S; Amund, O.O
2001Microbial Activity in Industrial Cutting Emulsions in the Tropical EnvironmentAmund, O.O; Ilori, M.O; Ezeanya, C.E; Obisesan, L.O
Apr-2011Degradation of aviation fuel by microorganisms isolated from tropical polluted soils.Omotayo, A.E.; Efetie, O.A.; Oyetibo, G.; Ilori, M.O.; Amund, O.O.
2008Growth and Biosurfactant Synthesis by Nigerian Hydrocarbon-Degrading Estuarine Bacteria.Adebusoye, S.A; Amund, O.O; Ilori, M.O; Domeih, D.O; Okpuzor, J
2006Occurrence and Growth Potentials of Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacteria on the Phylloplane of Some Tropical PlantsIlori, M.O; Amund, O.O; Ezeani, C.J; Omoijiahina, S; Adebusoye, S.A
2002The Effects of Nitrogen and Carbon Sources on the ability of Two Microbial Isolates to produce BioemulsifiersOkoro, C.C; Amund, O.O; Rosenberg, E
2007A Study of Tannic Acid Degradation by Soil bacteria.Ilori, M.O; Adebusoye, S.A; Amund, O.O; Oyetoran, B.O.