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Title: Concentration Dependent Studies on the Laser-Induced Mid-Infrared Emission from KCl-NaCl Tablets
Authors: Oyebola, O
Hommerich, U
Brown, E
Clayton, S.C yang
Trivedi, S.B
Samuels, A.C
Snyder, A.P
Keywords: chemical substance
Science energy
spectrum analysis
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2011
Publisher: Photonics Society of Poland
Citation: A Publication of the Photonics Society of Poland, 3(4), 171-174
Abstract: Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a technique for determining the elemental composition of a chemical substance [1].Pumping with ab064nm Nd:YAG pulse laser, mid- infrared emissions from LIBS plasma produced from KCl were examined between 2.0μm and 4.5μm, with atomic emission lines observed at 2.72μm, 3.15μm, 3.77μm and 4.05μm for potassium, consistent with NIST atomic spectra database. With further focus on the 2.72μm emission, detection limit studies were carried on different concentration samples of KCl_NaCl mix, to determine the detection limit of potassium (K). A limit of detection of ~0.19wt%/wt wasobtained for potassium in the mid-IR region
ISSN: 20802242
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