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Title: Convergence Theorems on Asymptotically Generalized Φ-Hemicontractive Mappings in the Intermediate Sense
Authors: Olaleru, J.O
Okeke, G.A
Akewe, H
Keywords: linear space
Nonlinear mappings
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Hikari Ltd
Citation: Int. Journal of Math. Analysis, 7(40), 1991 - 2003
Abstract: In this study, we introduce two classes of nonlinear mappings, the class of asymptotically generalized Φ-hemicontractive mappings in the intermediate sense and asymptotically generalized Φ-pseudocontractive mappings in the intermediate sense; and prove the convergence of Mann type iterative scheme with errors to their fixed points. Our results generalize the results of Chang et al. [4], Chidume and Chidume [5] and Kim et al. [8] among others.
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