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dc.contributor.authorAkewe, H-
dc.identifier.citationAdvances in Natural Science, 5 (3),21-27en_US
dc.identifier.issn1715-7862 [PRINT]-
dc.identifier.issn1715-7870 [ONLINE]-
dc.description.abstractWe introduce the Jungck-multistep-SP iteration and prove some convergence as well as stabiilty results for a pair of weakly compatible generalized contractive- like inequality operators defined on a Banach space. As corollaries, the results show that the Jungck-SP and Jungck-Mann iterations can also be used to approximate the common fixed points of such operators. The results are improvements, generalizations and extensions of the work of Chugh and Kumar (2011). Consequently, several results in literature are generalized.en_US
dc.subjectBanach spaceen_US
dc.subjectMultistep iterationen_US
dc.titleStrong Convergence and Stability of Jungck-Multistep-SP Iteration for Generalized Contractive-Like Inequality Operatorsen_US
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