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Title: The Equivalence of Jungck-Type Iterations for Generalized Contractive-Like Operators in a Banach Space
Authors: Olaleru, J.O
Akewe, H
Keywords: Jungck
Multistep iteration processes
Common fixed points.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Fasciculi Mathematici Nr 47
Abstract: We show that the convergences of Jungck, Jungck- Mann, Jungck-Ishikawa, Jungck-Noor and Jungck-multistep itera- tion processes are equivalent for a class of generalized contractive- like operators defined on a Banach space. Our results are general- izations and extensions of the work of Soltuz [20, 21], Zhiqun [23] and some other numerous ones in literature.
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