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Title: Thought and Discipline: Orienting Engineering towards and Eco-friendly Philosophy
Authors: Okoro, C
Keywords: Engineering
Issue Date: 28-Oct-2014
Citation: Okoro, C (2014) Thought and Discipline: Orienting Engineering towards and Eco-friendly Philosophy, 9th World Conference on Engineering Asset Management held at Pretoria, South Africa.
Abstract: This essay draws extensively from engineering ethics which rightly belongs under applied ethics. Whether as a disciplinary domain or a profession, engineering aims at rendering genuine and germane services to humanity. This essential task has become more herculean in this age of gender sensitivity and the ceaseless prodding to develop a friendly attitude towards the ecospherelbiosphere. Hence, the essay draws inspiration from Igbo cosmology, which not only regards the earth as a female to be accorded lots of respect, but one to be cared for and also preserved. The current metaphysical orientation that prides mind as lord and master of matter, inadvertently, hampers the dream of engineering to holistically and genuinely serve humanity. Consequently, one is of the view that the adoption of an alternative metaphysics that regards both mind and matter as complementary, would, in a big way, help to orient engineering towards a truly eco/bio-friendly philosophy. This way, engineering will not only provide quality service to humanity and its ecosphere, but also work towards the preservation of both.
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