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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1900Africa and the World : Globalizing InequalityJegede, S.B
10-May-1974Man and Respiratory VirusesOgunbi, O
11-Nov-1977The University Department of Surgery in Contemporary Nigerian SocietyOmo-Dare, P
19-May-1978Microbes: Our Unseen Allies in the Battle against PollutionEkundayo, J.A
7-Dec-1979The Prodigies of Structural EngineeringAdepegba, D
17-Jan-1980Land Law and DevelopmentJegede, M.I
25-Apr-1980The Chemical Engineer and the Changing WorldOgunye, A.F
10-Oct-1980Nigeria's Demographic Delusion: a Critical Examination of the Census ControversyOlusanya, P.O
1981Survival of Escherichia Coli in Lagos LagoonAmund, O.O; Ekundayo, J.A; Ogunsanya, C.O; Akpata, T.V.I
1983Increased L-Ornithine Production by an Arg Mutant of Acinetobacter IwoffiAmund, O.O; Mackinnon, G; Higgins, I.J
15-Jun-1983To be or not to be Culturally Relevant: the Importance of Being Creatively EarnestEkwueme, L.E
1984Observations on the Degradation of Crude Mineral Oil by an Estuarine Microbial Community.Amund, O.O
1984Notes on Practice Acquiring Books Under Unexpected Room: UNILAG Library Experience of WOBPICEgberongbe, H.S
1984Notes on Practice Receipt of Ordered Materials - Problems and Possible SolutionsEgberongbe, H.S
20-Jun-1984Even Metals Suffer HypertensionEnahoro, H.E
12-Dec-1984Artificial BoundariesAsiwaju, A.I
1985The Degradation of I-Phenylalkanes by an Oil-Degrading Strain of Alinetobacter IwoffiAmund, O.O; Higgins, I.J
12-Jun-1985The French Language and the Task of the French Linguist in the West African EnvironmentKwofie, E.N
1986A study of bacteria from the digestive system of two advanced termites (Isoptera, Termitidae) in NigeriaAmund, O.O; Yakubu, O.S; Malaka, S.L.O
1986A Study of Bacteria from the Digestive Systems of Two Advanced Termites (Isoptera, Termitidae) in NigeriaAmund, O.O; Yakubu, O.S; Malaka, L.S.O