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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Bacteria with dual resistance to elevated concentrations of heavy metals and antibiotics in Nigerian Contaminated Systems.Oyetibo, G.O; Ilori, M.O; Adebusoye, S.A; Obayori, O.S; Amund, O.O
Nov-2013Biodegradation of hydrocarbons in the presence of nickel and cobalOyetibo, G.O; Obayori, O.S; Ilori, M.O; Amund, O.O
Aug-2013Chromium (VI) Biosorption Properties of Multiple Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Industrial SewerageOyetibo, G.O; Ilori, M.O; Obayori, O. S; Amund, O.O
2009Degradation of hydrocarbons and biosurfactant production by Pseudomonas sp. strain LP1Obayori, O.S; Ilori, M.O; Adebusoye, S.A; Oyetibo, G.O; Omotayo, A.E; Ahmed, O.O
2010Effect of Corn Steep liquor on growth rate and Pyrene Degradation by Pseudomonas strainObayori, O.S; Ilori, M.O; Adebusoye, S.A; Oyetibo, G.O; Omotayo, A.E; Amund, O.O
2010Efficiency of Cassava Steep Liquor for Bioremediation of Diesel-oil Contaminated Tropical Agricultural SoilAdebusoye, S.A; Ilori, M.O; Obayori, O.S; Oyetibo, G.O; Akindele, K.A; Amund, O.O
Aug-2015Metal Biouptake by Actively Growing Cells of Metal-Tolerant Bacterial StrainsOyetibo, G.O; Ilori, M.O; Obayori, O.S; Amund, O.O
Dec-2008Microbial population changes in tropical agricultural soil experimentally contaminated with crude petroleumObayori, O. S; Ilori, M.O; Amund, O.O; Adebusoye, S.A; Oyetibo, G.O
4-Jul-2008Pyrene-Degrading Potentials of Pseudomonas Species Isolated from Polluted Soils.Obayori, O.S; Ilori, M.O; Adebusoye, S.A; Oyetibo, G.O; Amund, O.O