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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Budget Deficits, External Debt and Economic Growth in NigeriaOsinubi, T.S; Dauda, R.O.S; Olaleru, O.E
2016Corporate Governance and Bank Performance: a Case Study of Selected Commercial Banks in NigeriaDauda, R.O.S; Hawa, A
2006The Determinants of Manufacturing Sector Growth Performance in Nigeria, 1972-2002Dauda, R.O.S
Jun-2004An Economic Assessment of the Industrial Sector in Nigeria’s Fledgling Fourth RepublicDauda, R.O.S
Apr-2004The Economic Context of Gender Equality in NigeriaDauda, R.O.S
Jul-2012Economic Transformation in Nigeria: any Role for Migrant RemittancesAmaghionyeodiwe, L.A; Dauda, R.O.S
4-Aug-2011Effect of Public Educational Spending and Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Schooling Outcomes: Evidence from NigeriaDauda, R.O.S
Dec-2014Empirical Analysis of the Linkage Between Education and Poverty in NigeriaDauda, R.O.S; Lawal, A
2007Female Education and Nigeria's Development Strategies : Lots of Talk, Little Action?Dauda, R.O.S
Jul-2012Female Education for Growth and Structural Transformation in Nigeria : an Empirical InvestigationDauda, R.O.S
Sep-2006Financial Intermediation and Real Sector Growth in a Deregulated Economy: the Case of NigeriaDauda, R.O.S
2014Financial Sector Development and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: a Vector Autoregression Analysis (1980-2010)Dauda, R.O.S; Makinde, K.O
2006Fiscal Policy and Poverty Reduction: Some Implications For Economic TransformationDauda, R.O.S; Nwaogwugwu, I
2006Food Security: a Critical Variable in Nigeria's Quest for Economic Empowerment and DevelopmentDauda, R.O.S
2005Fuel Price Hike and the Human Conditions in Nigeria: An Eclectic AppraisalDauda, R.O.S
2010Governance, Public Spending and Human Development Outcomes in Nigeria: a Critical AssesmentDauda, R.O.S
Jul-2004Health Care Spending and the Empirics of Economic Growth: Evidence from NigeriaDauda, R.O.S
Jun-2011Higher Education and Economic Growth in Nigeria: an Empirical InvestigationDauda, R.O.S
2007The Impact of FDI on Nigeria's Economic Growth: Trade Policy MattersDauda, R.O.S
2010The Impact of Human Capital Formation on Economic Growth in NigeriaDauda, R.O.S